Cold Brew as a pre-workout?

Blog Plost #15

As a former personal trainer, I find it particularly frustrating when modern food and drink companies endlessly push the vague nutritional benefits of their products, so naturally we’re less inclined to do so with ours. And with our product, the health benefits should be self explanatory. But recently, a new study was just been published and I’ve had to U-turn slightly — the findings are too good to not share.

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We're back. Welcome Solo 2.0

Blog Plost #14

In March, the country went into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. Overnight we shifted all our attentions from wholesale to direct-to-consumer. As did every other consumer brand. Where we differ to most, is that we have always intended to make our direct-to-consumer service a big part of our offering. Luckily the lockdown advanced this and suddenly everyone wanted great coffee delivered to their door.

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Don't count the days. Make the days count: Will Reid

Blog Plost #13

Since lockdown started there has been an overwhelming pressure to be productive. Whether it’s been figuring out how to effectively work from home, or that niggling itch to start that personal project you’ve put to one side, we’ve all felt a pressure to make the most of this down time. Everyone and their dog has been offering solutions to increase productivity, but we feel there’s not a one-size-fits-all for motivation (coffee helps though). For this reason, we are asking friends of Solo how they are using their time, in the hope to inspire but also to give a realistic view of productivity in lockdown.

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Food and drink in the new norm

Blog Plost #12

On the whole, coffee is not humanity’s biggest concern right now. But like many other seemingly trivial industries, food and drink was taken for granted until our access to it became limited. Consumption of food and drink is one of the few pleasures we are still being afforded in our restricted society. Our treats now feel like treasures, and the essentials have returned to their deserved superhero status; dried pasta and flour sales now towering over impulse buys. The rules for success in the food and drink world are being re-written and fickle marketing techniques alone can no longer prop up a food product that serves little purpose.

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How to make your morning coffee a major event (featured in Vogue)

Blog Plost #11

I was recently asked to give my top 5 tips on how to improve your morning coffee for British Vogue. Here they are...

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Alcohol free coffee cocktail recipe

Blog Plost #10

Our cold brew works in cocktails and also as an alcohol alternative, but now a marriage of the two: alcohol free coffee cocktails. Founder of La Maison Wellness, Camille Vidal, used our cold brew to create a unique alcohol free cocktail. Camille has been listed as one of Forbes’ women leading the drink industry as well as one of the industry’s most influential figures 2019 by Bar World 100. Living up to her name, she showcased this cocktail on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. The first cocktail using our cold brew got featured on national TV to 7 million viewers. Nice.

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Our top 3 New Stockists (February 2020)

Blog Plost #9

Despite being the shortest month, February has been good to us. We’ve had lots of interest our way as well as new stockists. Here are our three favorites from this month.

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Why would you ever drink cold coffee?

Blog Plost #8

Sometimes when we tell people about our product, we get faces of absolute disgust. With responses like “why would you ever drink cold coffee?”, or our favourite “it will be warm yoghurt next”. I can never really understand why the idea of our product upsets so many people, as though they’ve never had a cold drink in their life. So I’ve decided to actually answer the question. Why would you ever drink cold coffee?

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Have we reached the next wave of coffee?

Blog Plost #7

The coffee industry loves to talk about which wave we are approaching next. I think this is because it’s growing at such a rapid pace that industry experts are trying rationalise the growth and understand where is worth investing. Whilst food and alcohol has been around forever, along with the cultures that support it, coffee is relatively new. Namely, as an industry.

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Our Top 3 New Stockists (January 2020)

Blog Plost #6

Big negotiations have been going on for a while and today is the day it’s publicly spoken about. I’m not talking about Brexit. In slightly (only slightly) more trivial news, we’re talking about our top 3 new stockists!

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Purpose over Innovation

Blog Plost #5

We didn’t make our drink to tick boxes but luckily it does hit quite a few industry trends. Vegan, gluten free, sugar free, calorie free, etc. But we made our drink, because we are passionate about good coffee, and making it as accessible as possible. In my eyes, the more selling points you shout about, the more you dilute your main purpose.

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Cold Brew as an alcohol alternative

Blog Plost #4

Looking at cold brew as an alternative for alcohol. Because sometimes alcohol free beer doesn't quite cut the mustard.

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We’re not trying to end hot coffee, we’re trying to end bad coffee.

Blog Plost #3

It may seem like our mission is to get everybody drinking their coffee cold, but from the beginning, our mission was to make great coffee more accessible. We just decided that cold brew was the best way to start.

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Blog Plost #2

We won’t sell to supermarkets for a number of different reasons. We want to create a direct relationship with our consumer. It feels natural for us to speak directly to the people buying the product.

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What have we been up to?

Blog Plost #1

Last September our manufacturer made 10,000 litres of cold brew that all went off within 3 days when we were promised it would last 12 months. They didn’t take responsibility for this so we were left completely out of pocket.

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