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Cold Brew as a pre-workout?

Blog Plost #15

As a former personal trainer, I find it particularly frustrating when modern food and drink companies endlessly push the vague nutritional benefits of their products, so naturally we’re less inclined to do so with ours. And with our product, the health benefits should be self explanatory. But recently, a new study was just been published and I’ve had to U-turn slightly — the findings are too good to not share.

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We're back. Welcome Solo 2.0

Blog Plost #14

In March, the country went into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. Overnight we shifted all our attentions from wholesale to direct-to-consumer. As did every other consumer brand. Where we differ to most, is that we have always intended to make our direct-to-consumer service a big part of our offering. Luckily the lockdown advanced this and suddenly everyone wanted great coffee delivered to their door.

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