Our Story

We are Solo

The name comes from the Spanish “Café Solo”, directly translated as “just coffee” which is the name given to black coffee or espresso. We think there’s something powerful about doing one thing well. Simplifying, not complicating.

We both worked together as baristas, and after winning a national championship in coffee, we decided to bottle our expertise. We started by flooding our parent’s kitchen, tweaking and perfecting the recipe until we were finally happy to release the finished product. A recipe and method unique to Solo.

We are Solo

Our bottled cold brew was well received and the business took off. Then we realised in order to get our product to the masses we had to change the format. What was born was our bag-in-box. Less wasted packaging, lower costs for everyone, same great product. The natural progression from this: Nitro taps.

By cold brewing, we manage to hold aromatic complexities whilst lowering acidic compounds. Simply put, tasty and naturally sweeter. We typically use South American coffees, focussing on chocolatey and nutty tasting notes. Always speciality grade. Always direct trade.

We do one thing. Cold brew coffee. Coffee and water. Nothing added where nothing more is needed.