Cold Brew Coffee on tap

Cold Brew Coffee on tap

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Cold Brew Coffee.

Cold, black, ready-to-drink coffee. Speciality coffee brewed for 16 hours in cold filtered water. Never heat treated.

15 x 200ml servings.

DPD next day delivery. Allow up to 2 working days.

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  • Speciality grade.
    100% arabica

  • Direct trade coffee

  • 15 x 200ml servings

  • Vegan

  • Sugar free

How we do it

  • Source great coffees

  • Roast to a medium
    roast profile

  • Coarsely grind

  • Steep with cold,
    filtered water

  • Leave to brew
    for 16+ hours

  • Finely filter



Why is it in a wine box?

The bag-in-box packaging format was not our first choice. The associations of the box are typically cheap wine. But after playing around with bottles and cans, we realised that the bag-in-box is the most efficient way to keep the liquid fresh. The format means we don’t need to pasteurise. It’s vacuum packed, this means there’s less chance of oxidation. Fresher for longer.

How long does it last/how do I store it?

Our cold brew box has a 9 month ambient shelf life. This means it will stay fresh for 9 months unopened stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened consume within two weeks. We recommend storing your box in the fridge once opened (if it fits).

How big is the box?

The box is 161mm depth x 100mm wide x 205mm height.

How do I open the box?

Lay it on its back. Push the perforated circle on the front. Lift the perforated flap. Fish around for the tap with your fingers. Once the tap is out push the flap down. Pull off the red strip on the tap.

How should I drink it?

We recommend keeping the box in the fridge so the coffee is always cold. Pour into a glass with ice.

I usually drink my coffee with milk. Can I drink your cold brew with milk?

Yes! Whilst we do recommend trying it straight black first, our cold brew can work with milk. Due to the smooth, delicate flavours of the cold brew, our coffee won’t need as much milk as you might be used to. Start with less milk than you would usually add. If you need sugar, make a sugar syrup as the sugar alone won’t dilute in cold brew.