Coffee Concentrate USA

Espresso Strength Coffee Concentrate

The perfect base for any coffee drink from day to night.

16 x 2oz Servings

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  • 20 x 50ml
    (double shots)

  • Speciality grade.
    100% arabica

  • Vegan

  • Sugar free

  • The perfect foam (with no foaming agents)

What can I
make with it?

  • Espresso Martinis

  • Iced Lattes

  • Americanos

  • Cold brew

  • Affogato

Espresso Martini

60ml/2 parts
Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

30ml/1 part
Solo Coffee Concentrate

Pour both
ingredients into
a shaker full of ice

Shake hard for
30 seconds with ice


Espresso Martini V2

50ml/1 part

50ml/1 part
coffee liqueur

50ml/1 part
Solo Coffee Concentrate

Pour all ingredients
into a shaker full
of ice

Shake hard for 30
seconds with ice



Pour 150ml of hot or cold water

Then pour 50ml of concentrate

(Add ice for iced americanos)

Iced latte

Fill glass with ice

Pour 150ml of milk
(we prefer using oat milk)

Then pour 50ml of concentrate and stir.


I still don’t get it, what exactly is this product?

It’s basically really strong coffee. We like to think of it as coffee squash. It has the convenience of instant coffee, but with café standard quality. Endless possibilities to how this product can be used.

What coffee are you using?

We’re using a Brazilian and Colombian blend, and a medium roast profile. Bold, rich and sweet. Dark fruit acidity, chocolate notes, long and sweet aftertaste.

How much caffeine does it have?

212mg per 100ml. Yes it’s a lot. That’s 106mg per double shot (50ml)

Does it froth up like a normal espresso when shaken in a cocktail?

YES YES YES. Despite being cold brew, it has the same oils present as an espresso meaning when oxygen is added through shaking it creates the exact same foam.

How long does it last?

Once opened, consume within 28 days. Unopened see best before on top of carton. 12 months from production.