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Don't count the days. Make the days count: Will Reid

Blog Plost #13

Since lockdown started there has been an overwhelming pressure to be productive. Whether it’s been figuring out how to effectively work from home, or that niggling itch to start that personal project you’ve put to one side, we’ve all felt a pressure to make the most of this down time. Everyone and their dog has been offering solutions to increase productivity, but we feel there’s not a one-size-fits-all for motivation (coffee helps though). For this reason, we are asking friends of Solo how they are using their time, in the hope to inspire but also to give a realistic view of productivity in lockdown.

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Food and drink in the new norm

Blog Plost #12

On the whole, coffee is not humanity’s biggest concern right now. But like many other seemingly trivial industries, food and drink was taken for granted until our access to it became limited. Consumption of food and drink is one of the few pleasures we are still being afforded in our restricted society. Our treats now feel like treasures, and the essentials have returned to their deserved superhero status; dried pasta and flour sales now towering over impulse buys. The rules for success in the food and drink world are being re-written and fickle marketing techniques alone can no longer prop up a food product that serves little purpose.

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