Is it the end for Antler & Bird?

Well, no, not exactly. But we are hibernating for the next few months. By this, we mean we’ve suspended production entirely so that we can focus on harnessing investment and undertaking a complete rebrand. In the past year, we’ve developed a product that we’re proud of – and we’ve certainly proved there is a growing demand for cold brew. With this in mind, we’ve decided to pursue our dream at full force. We’re now working with a team of mentors and advisors and a leading branding agency to create not only a product, but a brand that can take great coffee to an even wider audience.

Cold brew coffee is a drinks industry disrupter. Cold black coffee is bold, aggressively free of dairy and sugar and a middle finger to the pumpkin spiced lattes. By nature, Alex and I are the same as our product, so it’s hard for us to criticise what we’ve created but we now recognise that our brand doesn’t accurately portray our mission. In the last six months, we’ve started to have a clear understanding of our identity and our purpose. We are so passionate about our cold brew coffee that we will not rest until we have an army of people who feel the same way. We just don’t think our current aesthetic and feel are the perfect media for starting this cold brew revolution.

This is a point that many entrepreneurs reach at some stage. There are so many aspects of the business to keep in mind at the beginning that some of the most simple points slip the mind. Why do you exist? What problem are you solving? Who are you speaking to? We now know the answers to these questions, and will build our brand around them.

A word to other fledgling entrepreneurs: if you feel inclined to do what everyone else is doing branding-wise, forget it. Hiding under a facade will slowly catch up and you will eventually become disillusioned with your own baby. Do everything to be as true to you as possible, because no one can do you as well as you can. Chances are YOU are your target audience, so if you’re completely sincere you will attract the right customers. If not, you will find yourself living in two worlds. This advice doesn’t apply to everyone. For example, if you’re pro-dairy and set up an alternative milk company, best not to say that veganism is a fad, otherwise all of your customers will disown you.

In summary, we’ve realised that nowadays the product is only a part of the puzzle. We need to clearly demonstrate our purpose for people to pick up our product or for it to be on the shelves in the first place. We know our cold brew coffee is legit, but we need to prove it to incite curiosity. All recommendations will be taken on board at this formative point. Please let us know what you think and what you would do in our position.

Thanks for your continuing loyalty.

Theo and Alex

Theo GarciaComment