Wisdom of the crowd

Firstly thank you for all the support, it’s mad how many of you actually read this (now thousands!). Because of the positive reaction from the last post, I thought it’s worth keeping everyone in the loop with an update.

In our typical jammy way of doing things, we’ve managed to secure investment in a matter of weeks. And with this good fortune on our side, we’ve also managed to find the most ideal collective of branding professionals. In the beginning stages of our redevelopment, what we’re learning more than ever is the wisdom of the crowd. With this in mind, we thought the best way of rebuilding the brand is with the help of as many people as possible. During the first few stages of rebranding we’d like to send surveys to as many of you as possible, to help us do this please enter your email address below.

A note to stockists: we apologise for the delay, confusion and lack of cold brew, we’ll be back very soon so please get in touch and we can give you further details about stock. 

A note to customers: we are trialling our cold brew in two national café chains early next year. It will soon be much easier to be drinking cold brew coffee wherever you are in the UK.

In summary, two scruffy twenty somethings with an idea to make speciality coffee more convenient have scrapped the unprofessional approach and found investment and teamed up with industry experts to turn our passion into a seriously powerful and caffeinated force.

Thanks again and happy Christmas.

Theo and Alex

Theo GarciaComment