First Blog Post

After a year of trading we feel it's necessary to keep our customers in the loop, this blog aims to inform and involve. We want to hear from you before we make our big decisions. Our product is transparent (figuratively and literally), and we want the brand to be as well. 

first blog post.jpg

So what's new? In February 2017, we received a loan of £25,000 from Virgin Start Up. This allowed us to freshen up the branding, pick up any loose ends, and majorly upscale our manufacturing capabilities. From this, people got talking (thank you to those who do). Distributors started approaching us, as well as big boy retailers. These things take a while, so we have to keep quiet for a bit, but I can say that we will soon be stocked in hotels, café chains, and some high end stores. We are working with Diverse Fine Foods, who stock thousands of shops across the UK. This means all of you curious potential stockists can buy directly from Diverse, win win.

On Thursday, we got a phone call from Virgin. They were calling to tell us, that the application we sent a few weeks ago for Foodpreneur 2017, had been picked in the top 16 of thousands of applications. We will be pitching on Thursday 1st June. 

We'll slowly be releasing the news on the new stockists, so hold tight. 

I know it's cliché, but thanks to everyone who has been supportive to us in the first year. Without you buying our coffee and talking about our brand, it would still be being made in my parent's house. Head of Sales - the customers, we're done with ineffective sampling, the majority of our stockists have got in touch through recommendation. Every restaurant says they're the best, but you only go to the ones your friends recommend. We love our product, and we will continue to make it the best we can, if people want it that's great, but I'm not gonna be shoving it down people's throats. 

Thank you. Be bold, drink cold, or don't.

Theo x