The Future for Cold Brew Coffee

We started Antler & Bird with the intention of creating a great ready-to-drink coffee purely through our interest in coffee. Naively, we weren’t thinking of the current and potential market for our product, we weren’t thinking about a ‘gap in the market’, and we had no plan on how to convince the public to pick up a drink that they are not at all familiar with.

Yesterday I was walking through the small town of Frome and I passed a woman who wasn’t part of our 'target demographic' and she said to her friend “I really fancy a cold brew right now”, I looked at my friend in shock. For the rest of the day, I was thinking about how the term Cold Brew, in the space of a few years, has gone from being speciality coffee nomenclature, to everyday small talk. Since the start of A&B, I’ve felt the need to explain what cold brew is, less and less. Thanks are due, but I don’t know where.

Australia and USA are undoubtedly the biggest force in the introduction of Cold Brew Coffee, and it’s great to see the popularity increase year-on-year but I was a bit skeptical about whether the trend would repeat in the UK. The British are quite particular about what they eat and drink, and I used to think that trying to convince an English person to put down their tea and pour a cold black coffee over ice would be near impossible. But after hearing the woman yesterday, I’m sure that the aforementioned conversion, will be a regular occurrence. 

Thanks to the winning combination of luck, timing, and word-of-mouth, our drink has developed legs so powerful, that I will be seriously surprised if you can’t buy a Cold Brew in every supermarket within the next 2 years.