We’re launching our 3 litre box on Kickstarter


We’ve spent this year developing our brand, strategy and product. It’s been an expensive and time consuming project but we’re finally very happy with what we have to offer. Only problem is we can’t afford our first production run of our 3 litre box. Instead of applying for loans or approaching investors we thought we’d rather be backed by the public. Our customers. Our supporters. You.

We’re looking to raise £20,000 in 30 days. An intimidating task but less so when we break it down. 1,000 people buy 1 box and we’re funded. 500 people buy 2 and we’re funded. That’s 17 people a day, 1 person for every waking hour. You get the idea. Every single person who supports us is absolutely crucial. We understand some people really aren’t in the financial position, so all we ask is that you let people know and share where possible.

BUT. We hope what we’re offering is attractive enough. 15 servings of great coffee on tap delivered to your door, no brewing, no queuing. The future of coffee. Support the underdogs. Down with Costa. For every 8 coffees you buy in a café you could buy 15 from us, whilst supporting a cause. Quick maths.

To the coffee lovers, to our friends and family, to our secret supporters, to the people who don’t know what to get their siblings for Christmas, to the people who want another 5 minutes in bed, to the people that want to cut down on single serve packaging, to the easily distracted: Get your fingers at the ready, and help make our campaign go viral.

Here’s a link to our Kickstarter page. We aim to be going live next week.