What's Brewing

Introducing Solo

In 2016, we founded Antler and Bird. We wanted to make speciality coffee more accessible by brewing the coffee ourselves and then offering the finished product using only coffee, water, and time. Cold brew coffee was our solution.

We focused on the product, and overlooked our route to market. After a year of selling our coffee in a bottle, we decided we needed to adapt our product to make it a more attractive offer for cafés. Same great product with less hassle and less packaging. Our answer is a bag-in-box. Coffee on tap. 40 servings of cold brew coffee at the push of a button.

Box photo.jpg

Alongside the new direction for the product, we needed a new direction for the brand. We realised that our brand needed to be like us and our product. Bold, clear and easy to understand. Our new name Solo comes from the Spanish “Café Sólo” - meaning black coffee, or just coffee. We felt this name helps put the coffee in the spotlight, and also supports our vision. 

We were lucky enough to have the well-known designer Anthony Burrill design our logo. Burrill is a master of type and communication. Like us, he appreciates the power and strength of simplicity. With this in mind, he has created a bold, clear and timeless logo. 

We’re back.

We’re not jacks-of-all-trades. We’re the masters of one. In a world that wants you to do it, be it and have it all, we stick with one thing. Coffee. A cold brewed brew – served black, straight and true. It’s what we do. All we do. And we do it well.