Masters of One

We’re called Solo for a pretty obvious reason. We do one thing - cold brew coffee. That’s it. And we love creative people out there going solo on their one thing. We want to champion that. We facilitate creativity, showcase it, get inspired by it and always, always, want to work with it. 

We want to get together with other creative people that do their own ‘one thing’ well. Making music, illustrating, painting, skating, dancing, whatever their one thing is, we want our brand to be a platform for it. Masters of one will be our way of showing people who we consider: ‘Masters of one’.

Going forward, we want to collaborate with as many creatives as possible, whether they design our next box, or we support an event, or just simply giving out our cold brew to people who want to do their thing slightly more caffeinated. Please get in touch if you think we could help you, or if we could work together.

Alex Foss SimsComment