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Our year in short

The cliché of a start-up being a rollercoaster journey could not be any truer this year. A mountain of uncontrollable external hurdles teamed with a shit load of teething issues - this year has been a battle. Obviously this is the case for everybody, but I feel businesses have either been labelled as benefitting from the pandemic or at an obvious loss. You're either a Zoom or a Topshop. It's hard to tell where we'd be if COVID didn't exist, but we think there's been a silver lining for us. Either way, here's how we weathered the storm.



The Tipping Point

Needless to say, we’ve all faced challenges with COVID-19. For some businesses the challenges are ongoing and support is running out. Hospitality i...


A brief history of the relationship of coffee and alcohol, and why we've decided to get involved.

Changing the Espresso Martini forever

Today is International Coffee Day, and the beginning of London Cocktail Week. But – most importantly, it’s the day we announce our new product… C...

Stability in Flux

We had a watertight plan of how we were going to grow our business in 2020. It was entirely reliant on wholesale: supplying cold brew coffee to the hospitality industry in the UK and Europe.

Cold brew vs iced coffee

It’s early August, half of us are sitting in front of fans attempting to work from home. Clothes worn solely for forty minute zoom meetings. The other half of us are fully clothed, clock-watching from an almost-empty office, or masked and smelling our own breath on a sweaty commute.

Cold Brew as a pre-workout?

As a former personal trainer, I find it particularly frustrating when modern food and drink companies endlessly push the vague nutritional benefits of their products, so naturally we’re less inclined to do so with ours.