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Espresso Shot 10 pack

1 box of 10 x 60ml Espresso Shot Bottles

Espresso strength cold brew coffee shot. Speciality grade, Colombian and Brazilian coffee, cold-brewed for over 16 hours. An instant natural caffeine hit.

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What is it?

10 x 60ml bottles of Solo Espresso Shot. As the name suggests, this is 60ml of espresso strength ready-to-drink coffee. Brazilian and Colombian blend of ethically sourced, speciality grade coffee with nothing else added. The shot is cold brewed. This means the coffee grounds are left to steep with cold filtered water for over 16 hours. The cold brewing process results in a more caffeinated, less acidic, smooth shot of coffee.

Is it the same product as the concentrate?

Yes and no. It’s the same strength but has filtered lots of the oils out to make for a smoother mouthfeel when drinking it neat.

How do I use it?

Best served chilled, and drunk neat. It can also be diluted in hot water, cold milk or wherever you see fit.

Where do I store it?

Best kept refrigerated, but can be stored in a cool, dry place.

What’s the shelf life?

12 months ambient. For best before check the top of the lid. Once opened consume within 24 hours.