Solo coffee

Espresso strength cold brew coffee

Our concentrate is cold brewed to ensure the flavour of the coffee is enhanced when making espresso martinis. However, unlike most cold brew concentrates, ours still has the oils in the coffee which allows it to froth up in an espresso martini just like a hot coffee does. All the characteristics of an espresso with all the convenience of a cold brew. Convenience and consistency with no compromise.

20 x 50ml servings (20 double shots) No thickeners, no foaming agents, no sugar. Coffee and water.

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  • Great for
    high volume

  • Versatile

  • Quick to

  • Consistently

  • Cost

Unlike other concentrates that use artificial thickeners to create the crema, [Solo Concentrate] has created a smooth and foamy finish by using new techniques and technology.


We can supply cold brew coffee and espresso martinis for all types of events.
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