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Alcohol free coffee cocktail recipe

Our cold brew works in cocktails and also as an alcohol alternative, but now a marriage of the two: alcohol free coffee cocktails. Founder of La Maison Wellness, Camille Vidal, used our cold brew to create a unique alcohol free cocktail. Camille has been listed as one of Forbes’ women leading the drink industry as well as one of the industry’s most influential figures 2019 by Bar World 100. Living up to her name, she showcased this cocktail on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. The first cocktail using our cold brew got featured on national TV to 7 million viewers. Nice.

Our top 3 New Stockists (February 2020)

Despite being the shortest month, February has been good to us. We’ve had lots of interest our way as well as new stockists. Here are our three favorites from this month.

Why would you ever drink cold coffee?

Sometimes when we tell people about our product, we get faces of absolute disgust. With responses like “why would you ever drink cold coffee?”, or our favourite “it will be warm yoghurt next”. I can never really understand why the idea of our product upsets so many people, as though they’ve never had a cold drink in their life. So I’ve decided to actually answer the question. Why would you ever drink cold coffee?

Have we reached the next wave of coffee?

The coffee industry loves to talk about which wave we are approaching next. I think this is because it’s growing at such a rapid pace that industry experts are trying rationalise the growth and understand where is worth investing. Whilst food and alcohol has been around forever, along with the cultures that support it, coffee is relatively new. Namely, as an industry.