SOLO: Pre-made Cold Brew Espresso In A Carton

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Pre-made cold brew specialty coffee that saves 16 hours of professional brewing and an espresso machine.

Espresso strength cold brew coffee.

The perfect base for any coffee drink from day to night.

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No need for an espresso machine

Drink it neat or make these in seconds

Iced Americano

Under 30 Seconds

Step 1: Chuck in ice cubes

Step 2: Add SOLO

Step 3: Add Water

Iced Latte

Under 30 Seconds

Step 1: Chuck in ice cubes

Step 2: Add your choice of milk

Step 3: Add SOLO

And of course, Espresso Martini,

and much more.

Espresso martini, Carajillo, Affogato, Flat White, Guiness Espresso Martini.

It's not instant coffee

SOLO never sacrices quality

SOLO brewing vs. Home brewing

Home brewing often faces challenges in equipment, techniques, and consistent quality control. We aim to take all that off your shoulders and control every element to professional standards.

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee

16-Hour Cold Brewed

16-Hour Cold Brewed


Speciality Grade 100% Arabica

Preservative-Free, Sugar-Free

Preservative-Free, Sugar-Free

We are SOLO

We focus on our one thing, so you can focus on your one thing

Speciality coffee is great. But it can get pretty complicated. It’s easy enough to find a promising bag of coffee beans, but it then takes lots of skill to brew it to perfection. That’s when we decided to make it our mission to make great coffee more accessible. We’ll focus on doing our one thing well, so our customers can focus on doing their one thing well, whatever that one thing is.

Results that speak for themselves



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Results that speak for themselves


How much caffeine does it have?

212mg per 100ml. Yes it’s a lot. That’s 106mg per double shot (50ml)

Does it froth up like a normal espresso when shaken in
a cocktail?

Yes! Unlike other cold brew coffee, our coffee has the same strength, viscosity, and natural oil content as a fresh espresso. No weird thickeners or foaming agents needed, just coffee and water are the two ingredients in our Coffee Concentrate.

What’s the difference between Cold Brew and iced coffee?

Cold-brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for many hours. Iced coffee is made just like hot coffee, where grounds are brewed with hot water over a short period of time. The main difference is the taste profile. Cold-brew coffee has a bolder flavour than iced coffee since the brewing process is longer, whereas iced coffee is typically milder in taste.

Why is cold brew coffee good for your health?

There are 5 benefits of drinking cold brew coffee:

  • Easier on your stomach
  • Forgiving brewing process
  • 65% less acids, which hot brewing pulls out easily
  • Flavorful, smooth, and mellow