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Changing the Espresso Martini forever

Today is International Coffee Day, and the beginning of London Cocktail Week. But – most importantly, it’s the day we announce our new product…

Coffee concentrate. 

20 double shots (50ml) of Espresso strength cold brew coffee in a 1L Tetra Pak.

Espresso Martinis are London’s favourite cocktail. Every year they climb the ranks of the most popular cocktail in the world. As the story goes: In 1983, a top model walked up to the barman (Dick Bradsell) in a Soho cocktail bar, and said, give me something that will wake me up, and fuck me up. Bradsell proceeded to mix coffee liqueur, vodka, fresh espresso and ice. A hard shake and strain – the espresso martini was born.

The increasing popularity of the espresso martini has made the issues of making it increasingly clear - the espresso. Option One: You brew it hot. It takes too long. It melts the ice. Not to mention the fact that it requires expensive machinery and copious staff training. Or Option Two: you brew it before the shift, leading to substantial wastage of both coffee and time. Mixing different espressos is coffee sacrilege, and hot coffee cooled down tastes flat and bitter.

Bartenders have tried to replace espresso with cold brew, but it doesn’t quite work. The flavour might be better, but the cocktail ends up watery and thin. So – we got to work. We knew that by brewing cold, the aromatics would not be lost in the cocktails, and having the finished product would make the process infinitely quicker and easier for bar staff. However, cold brew has no oils, so no matter how strong we brewed the coffee it still didn’t act like an espresso. After months of trial and error alongside the use of new food technology, we have done it. Espresso strength, cold brew coffee concentrate.

All the taste of cold brew, with the mouthfeel of an espresso. No weird thickeners, preservatives or foaming agents, just great coffee and water brewed for over 16 hours (what we do best).

It’s rare that a new product can genuinely improve the quality of a drink as well as its convenience, and we understand if you’re rolling your eyes. But this product truly is the ultimate solution for hospitality venues in terms of quality, consistency and efficiency.

Needless to say, the concentrate works straight up over ice, over water (cold and hot), over milk as an iced latte, over ice cream, in a tiramisu, in a milkshake, you get the picture.

The concentrate will be available to buy from the beginning of November and will be launching into a number of key venues across London. As well as a handful of online retailers.

If you’re interested in stocking our concentrate or would like more information and pricing please get in touch below. 

We will also be announcing more details on the consumer launch in the coming weeks and how to pre-order. 

P.S. We created this product with the hospitality industry in mind, so it's only right that we all do our bit to support the employees, business owners and everyone in between affected by the difficult time the industry is facing. For all of November, we will be donating 10% of profits from the new product to the Drinks Trust, who are doing incredible work to provide care and support to the people who form the drinks industry workforce.


  • Hi, I run a small bar in Walthamstow and am interested in concentrate

  • Want to understand the product and company background

    Tristan Nilsson

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