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Don't count the days. Make the days count: Will Reid

Since lockdown started there has been an overwhelming pressure to be productive. Whether it’s been figuring out how to effectively work from home, or that niggling itch to start that personal project you’ve put to one side, we’ve all felt a pressure to make the most of this down time. Everyone and their dog has been offering solutions to increase productivity, but we feel there’s not a one-size-fits-all for motivation (coffee helps though). For this reason, we are asking friends of Solo how they are using their time, in the hope to inspire but also to give a realistic view of productivity in lockdown.

Who are you?
Will Reid, a director and photographer from London.

How have you managed to find motivation in lockdown?
I think motivation to stay productive has come purely as a result of being terrified of going insane through idleness and boredom. My brain only works if I’m spinning a few plates, so I’ve always been quite adept at self starting or else I get very sad and grumpy. Fear is a good motivator.

How will your industry be affected?
Likely totally and completely beyond recognition. I’ve already seen. Directors working from inside a van over zoom while their “set” is on the other side of a carpark - and even then it’s just a camera on a remote control head pointing at someone - at least social distancing is being respected, but for me I’m not sure I can really make the work I’m naturally inclined to make with the caveats. Obviously some treatments will naturally work within the parameters but the freedom of creating is limited at the moment, so I think I might wait to get back to it until it loosens a bit more.

How have you filled the days?
One thing that’s great for motivation actually - I keep a to-do list notebook for every day of the year and have done for a while. I get up, and over my coffee (If I haven’t the night before) I write a to do list of at least 5 good things that I need or want to do in the day and it helps keep things moving. Gotta do the to-do list. I’ve been writing the number of days I’ve been in self Isolation/quarantine at the moment, too. We’re on 64. It’s mainly just “read 1 hour”, “edit those stills”, “go for a run” - but writing them down means you can think of productive good things to do that give your day some shape.

What have you taken from this lockdown?
I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ve been running a lot, so i guess some cardiovascular fitness, and me and my brother have been working on our next short film so some space to develop that has been good. But really, spiritually, I guess a sense of the value of things - we never appreciate how insanely spoilt we are for food, drink, things to do, the ease of travel in our free country, the amount on offer for us to do until it’s taken away. Valuing time with friends and loved ones whom I haven’t seen for months now. That kinda stuff. And I also hope it makes us all realise we can slow down a little bit. Everything was moving dizzyingly fast before this happened.

What projects are you working on? Is there anything you want to plug?
A few things but nothing close enough to completion to be worthy of plugging yet. Come back to me when I can! In the meantime, you can check out this personal project that I’ve been working on: https://www.willreidvisuals.com/WLITF

To see more of Will's work visit: https://willreidvisuals.com/ or check his instagram @_willreid_

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