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Partnering with Café Solo Coffee Liqueur

In September last year, we met Warren Scott (founder of the Quintessential Brands Group with brands including Opihr Gin, Greenall’s Gin and Dubliner Whiskey). He was interested in investing in Solo andafter hearing about the product and what we had done for the Espresso Martini, the creative ideas begun to flow. 

Warren’s family office Kliro Capital went on to become a significant investor in Solo, following which his new spirits company – Fortitude Spirits Company – proposed the idea of Café Solo - a coffee liqueur aimed very much at the coffee lover; less sweet and a higher abv than most other coffee liqueurs. The brand would be created using full strength Solo, with an overt emphasis on the quality of the coffee; hence the name Café Solo. Our coffee has been used in many RTD Espresso Martinis but we had never tried a coffee liqueur made directly with Solo.

Fortitude Spirits have extensive experience in the drinks industry having created many innovative brands, so we trusted that not only would the liqueur taste amazing, but they would create a highly successful brandWhen we first tried the Café Solo product, we knew immediately it was going to be a success. A truly impressive, rich, and moreish liqueurIt therefore came as little surprise that only a few weeks after its launch it has been awarded a Gold medal and ‘Country Winner’ in this year’s World Liqueur Awards - The UK’s Best Coffee Liqueur and it’s only just launched!

Obviously we’re going to say it tastes great, however it is not only us who think that – the feedback from the judges gives you a less biased POV: “With a massive coffee hit, this liqueur is a strong coffee lover's dream. It is bold, roasted, and full of flavour. The finish is good, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.”

Brand Manager of Café Solo, Holly Harwood says We wanted to create a coffee liqueur which re-set the expectations of what a coffee liqueur should taste like. Working with Solo has enabled us to combine their velvety cold brew coffee with a smooth 100% English grain vodka, resulting in a delicious tasting luxury coffee liqueur”.

You’ll likely see Café Solo popping up in bars and retailers across the country, but if you can’t wait until then you can buy it now on Amazon and Masters of Malt at £30.00. The team has ambitious plans with new variants under development already, so give them a follow, go on their website, sign up to their newsletter and all that good stuff.

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