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SS Lam X Solo Coffee. Coffee dyed socks.

In the time that Solo has existed, many white clothes have been ruined in the pursuit of making the tastiest cold brew known to mankind. But if there’s anything the last two years has taught us, it’s how to deal with adversity. Accepting misfortune and where possible, trying to see the good in the bad. With this in mind, we’ve fully accepted our coffee’s staining abilities and are doubling down. Time to make some coffee dyed clothes.

SS Lam was founded by Sophie Lam in 2020. What started as a hobby quickly blew up into sellout demand. SS Lam hand dyes socks from their studio in Peckham using strictly natural dyes, and strictly neutral tones. Bone, Oatmeal, Matcha, and Earth are the names of the colours they offer. It seemed almost mad that there wasn't a pair called Coffee. So we got speaking, and a few weeks later, I have SS Lam X Solo Coffee dyed socks on my feet.

When Sophie started dyeing socks, a few of her friends asked to buy some of them. A year later, the socks are selling out 500 pairs in under 10 minutes. We will be making 100 pairs of the coffee socks, and offering them for FREE. 

Here’s how to get your hands on a pair:

On Thursday 23rd from 6pm, ANY order made on our website will be sent a free pair of socks. This offer will be valid for the first 100 orders made from 6pm. 


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