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Stuff We Love - April

The April edition of Stuff We Love. Stuff We Love is a monthly selection of stuff we love, an opportunity for us to share what we’re interested in, give further reach to the contributors, and allows us to talk about something that isn’t coffee. Feel free to send in yours or other people’s work as recommendations. UK only please, as we like to send out free coffee to the contributors.

Wavey Ice

Founded by Alex Situnayake, Wavey Ice make alcoholic ice pops. Refreshing way of getting drunk, but also a refreshingly fun brand in the food and beverage space. In 2020, Alex also founded the restaurant in Peckham, Bando Belly. Hands down the best takeaway I had in 2020 (I had a lot). Wavey Ice will undoubtedly have a great Summer and have re-launched today! Go show them some love and get yourself a box.

The Reids (Will and Ed Reid) - Cole Buxton film

COLE BUXTON: CB52 - A FILM BY THE REIDS from Cole Buxton on Vimeo.


Will and Ed Reid are an unstoppable duo. The brothers, despite only being in their early 20s, are prolific. They are now making a seamless transition from music videos and adverts into the world of cinema. This Cole Buxton documentary is the perfect demonstration of how they stamp their unique style on anything they touch.

Tiawa - Life Is Not a Crime

Discover weekly did me well and served me up this unexpected banger. Tiawa is an upcoming musician from Brighton. Looking forward to hearing more music from her.

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