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What we've been up to (2023 recap)

Last year we were pretty quiet on the comms front. We put our heads down and got to work on selling coffee, sewing seeds and raising cash. All that businessy stuff #grindset etc. Unfortunately that meant we didn’t allocate that much time to innovating, interacting with customers, and being creative/being silly gooses. However, since putting in that work we’re now out the other side and ready to tear it up.

2023, as mentioned, was our hustle era. We increased sales over 100%. We sold 272,334 cartons (8,170,020 coffees). That’s the equivalent of 15.5 coffees sold every minute, or 1 coffee sold every 4 seconds. Here are some other notable flexes from last year:

  • Improved the brewing process to increase aromatics (flavour) and less separation in the product
  • Despite a tricky macroeconomic environment, we managed to close an investment round of over £600k and bring in some smart and special into the business
  • We managed to partner with leading brands, increase brand recognition and grow our Amazon sales 500% YoY, making us the leader in the cold brew coffee category.
  •  We launched into our first US account in December, a restaurant group in 6 states.
  • Now stocked in roughly 1 in 20 bars in the UK

2024, is a whole new beast. I’d like to think it will be our expansion era. The US is getting into the swing of things and we’re expecting to be dropping some big updates and sizeable wins later in the year. In the UK, we’re looking to support our on-trade (bars) accounts as well as increase the number of foodservice accounts (cold brew season baby). As you can see, we’ve freshened up the website or as we’ve described it internally, our brand and website is going from a teenager into a young adult. And finally, we’re looking to take on the big dogs. We have an idea for a new product that is making us pretty excited…

Our Coffee Concentrate is revolutionary stuff if I do say so myself, it’s great coffee instantaneously. However the format has confused and scared a lot of people/buyers. Some people definitely do get it, but lot’s don’t fully understand it yet. Dw it’s not going anywhere. But, we’re looking to take the magic of our previous products and reframe it for everybody to see what’s possible in the world of coffee. Enough said.

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